The sisters raised newborn puppies found in a cardboard box


One day a young woman was returning from work when she suddenly heard a noise coming from the bushes.

Approaching, she saw a small cardboard house in which she found five small puppies chasing their mother, but she was not visible. They were barely two days old.

The woman contacted an assistant from a familiar hostel and offered to pick them up for the night, as the next day someone had to take them to the hostel.

Assistants – two sisters generously agreed to host them.

But, alas, no one came for the kids, but the young girls could not leave them to their fate and decided to take care of them themselves.

The puppies had to be fed every three hours from a drip, supplied with heating pads and rubbing their stomachs.

A week later, babies could take a bottle of powdered milk and eat, and their ears were now ready to hear a human voice.

Sisters Katya and Lena tried to make children happier and healthier.

But alas, one of the children could not be saved, he was very weak and died.

They were very excited to see the children open their eyes and were amazed at how fast they are growing!

And at the age of three weeks, they could already walk, growl and bark a little. But they were not grown up yet, they ran in the bathroom and played together.

Now they are 2 and a half years old. They continue to live with these sisters. Young girls posted their photos on the Internet in the hope of finding owners for them.

But while no one has contacted, everyone wants to return thoroughbred dogs.

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