The woman thought it was a bird, but it was a cat’s cry


Sara Kelly is an animal rights activist who has dedicated and continues to dedicate her life to animals.

She founded Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, which rescues and shelters our four-legged friends, helps find missing animals, and more.

Smokey Harvey, a little kitten who happened to be heard and given a second chance at life.

Sarah got a call about two months ago to pick up an animal. She heard an incomprehensible noise in the backyard, similar to a bird, and decided to help her.

Walking between the trees, she found him, it was a small blind cat.

At least that’s what he looked like when he took it. When Sarah came for the „bird“, she was startled by the sound of the cat.

At the shelter, it turned out that little Harvey was not blind at all. Her eyes hurt from the infection, but she recovered after a few days of treatment.

Seeing Sarah, other animals expressed their joy, begged for affection, and Harvin began to make the same sounds again when he saw his owner. Neither Sarah nor her colleagues can ignore this demanding and noisy kitten.

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