Sophie, the bird that looks like a fairy tale


These images seem like a gift to us today. There are millions of bird species in the world that we don’t yet know about.

Every day it even seems that some of them that we thought were extinct are reappearing. Nature never ceases to amaze us.

This strange bird has changed its eyelash feathers.

An example of a species we don’t know about is this little bird named Sophie’s Carbonito, a bird with amazing colorful plumage. It is observed only in some boreal forests of Asia.

His name is Leptopoecil Sophiae, he lives in China, India, Russia in the northern forests.

In this baby, it is his plumage that surprises, because he has blue wool with purple hues, a pink belly and a white or gray eyebrow.

Only the males of this species have the brightest coloration. This bird is 6 or 8 grams and 10 cm.

This species is not endangered due to the ability to build nests that are not easy to see due to natural camouflage and not as large predators for this species.

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