This adorable puppy was born with two noses and survived only thanks to humans


This is a beautiful dog named Popi. And despite his beauty, he has a physical handicap.

He is so good that his owners are ready to do anything to make their cat look good.

Popy was born in England to a family of dog breeders, but farm owner Jessica Wheatley has never seen anything like it in her entire career.

Dogs usually drink breast milk an hour after feeding, but this cat was unable to breastfeed.

He was constantly crying. When they took him for examination, they found out the reason and it turned out that he had problems with his nose, a congenital defect that excluded the possibility of feeding him.

As a child, Popi was fed from a special syringe and very often, and when he gets a little fat, his nose will be operated on and the problem will be solved.

He is a very intelligent and sociable dog, and, fortunately, he had a good owner, who was his inseparable friend.

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