A young couple walked into a shelter to donate supplies and ended up leaving with an adorable 17-year-old dog


One day, the couple went to Anne Arundel County Animal Control to drop off their groceries and socialize. But by chance they met Rocky. He was seventeen years old and lived in this house for a long time.

Beth and Michael immediately noticed this connection. They said that they came there to leave some things alone and did not expect to meet this wonderful creature.

Rocky moved in with the couple to celebrate Christmas and Beth wrote a letter dedicated to the dog.

The letter said that he realized that he had to take care of the dog, clean it, help it down the stairs when he was in trouble, and spend extra money when he was in health trouble.

But since he is the greatest gift in his life, he is ready to do everything to make the dog have a better life.

Betty and Michael did everything to make the dog feel good. This puppy was very loyal, happily following them around, dancing and singing along with them.

And when their baby Hazel was born, Rocky was so happy to meet him.

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