Faithful family dog saved a child from abusive nanny who beat the child


This video is about a dog named Killian. This hero saved a child from a cruel nanny. The dog’s behavior told the child’s parents that something was wrong.

Over time, Killian became more and more aggressive towards the nanny. It got to the point that when the nanny arrived, Killian’s landlord had to stop him from going to the nanny.

About 5 months after she became their nanny, they began noticing a dog protecting their son when she came through the door. He was very aggressive towards her, and several times they had to physically prevent the dog from approaching her.

This type of behavior aroused the curiosity of the parents, so they installed a voice recorder to record what was happening in the house while they were away.

When they returned and listened to the tape recorder, they discovered that the reason for Killian’s aggression was that the nanny had insulted the child.

It all starts with a curse, then slaps are heard, and her cry of despair turns into a cry of pain. For five months they gave their child to this monster, not knowing what was going on in their house…

Without their dog, without a mother’s instinct, the nanny could have killed their child.

If animals could tell the stories they can tell, we’d be amazed!

For their dog, showing aggression towards someone was a sign that something is wrong. They hope other parents can learn from this story!

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