Japanese flying squirrels: unique and cute animals


If there is anyone in the world that can seriously compete with kittens in terms of attractiveness, it is Japanese flying squirrels!

They look like living plush animals – they don’t offend anyone and love to pose for the cameras. This is what Japanese photographers say.

How not to be touched by the sight of such a miracle?

A fluffy ball with huge eyes – what kind of wild animal is this?

All that’s left is time to jump and fly!

The little flying squirrel has many enemies, but there is nothing to oppose them

The main thing is to find the right feeder!

These squirrels almost never come down to the ground, they do best in a tree

Food from fresh pine needles

They do not hibernate and are very active in winter.

Flying squirrels eat plant foods, but can also feed on delicious insects.

Small squirrels can fly 30m and big squirrels can fly every 100m!

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