The man heroically saved the little kitten by jumping into the storm sewer


This little homeless kitten was hiding on the hood of a car.

When the driver of the car opened the door, the cute kitten jumped out and immediately fell straight into the storm sewer.

The poor kitten was stuck and couldn’t move. Nobody heard his meow. It was very difficult for him to be there.

Avi Kuzi, the man who saved many animals, hearing her meow, without hesitation rushed to see where the sound was coming from. Despite the difficulties he faced, he decided to help her in danger.

Eventually he decided he had to help him and pulled the kitten out of the storm drain and rescued her.

He spoke about his endless love for animals, he loves them very much and is always ready to help.

This man deserves respect! He took the kitten to the veterinary clinic, took care of it and is now ready to take it home.

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