Rescue on all fours: the dog learned to massage the heart


Emily lived in the United Kingdom, she taught her dog resuscitation and cardiac massage. She recently published an article where she shows how his dog does it.

The dog is the first to bring a first aid kit, approaches the doll and jumps on her chest several times at the command of the owner.

Leon is getting ready for a competition where the dogs have to show their tricks. He has already won 6 times in such competitions and it seems that he will soon succeed this time as well.

But this is not his only skill, he is constantly learning something, but each time the tasks become more and more difficult. In any case, he never gives up and is very smart. He can learn everything in a short time.

He can even paint or help his master around the house, with laundry, etc.

Leon is very happy with these skills, he loves to play games from which he can constantly learn something new, especially when it comes to wildlife.

This makes them more energetic and happy.

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