Hero dog gave birth to 19 puppies


This is a Cane Corso dog named Kira who gave birth to Ramona 19 puppies.

She and her owners were shocked. They usually give birth to 2-3 puppies.

It was surprising to everyone because it doesn’t happen every time. It was very unusual.

Her first puppies were born in the afternoon and then continued until the morning.

They thought there would be three puppies, six at the most. But they were surprised when they saw so many puppies.

It was a crazy and difficult night for them. Kira did it herself, she didn’t even need help.

At first they tried to control the feeding of the babies.

They gave Kira 6 puppies. From the 3rd day, the puppies were fed with a special mixture, as the bitch did not have enough milk.

They are incredibly cute, especially when they play with each other or drink milk, their mother somehow tries to control such large offspring.

They say that all their names start with the letter M so that they can be distinguished.

This is simply amazing because it is very rare.

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