A woman adopted a dirty cat and after a year it is already impossible to recognize him


Nur Khamiza is a big animal lover from Malaysia.

One day in 2019, she was walking home and noticed an exhausted and dirty cat nearby.

She took the cat home with her and looked after him for a long time. The woman decided to name him Maimei.

Six months later, the cat fully recovered, and fluffy white hairs grew back on his body.

For a year of love and attention, he changed a lot beyond recognition, he became a healthy, beautiful cat, which did not at all look like the poor thing that the woman found.

Now he feels very comfortable with his owners, but does not like strangers. During this time, he became very attached to the owners and became very obedient.

The owners say that he understands everything he is told.

He enjoys all the joys of a pet: the owners regularly feed, clean and wash him.

Now he is a very happy and healthy cat and most importantly, he lives in a loving family.

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