Father and boy raised and cared for over 100 animals in their own home


The love of a six-year-old boy named Ivan Shapranov for animals is immeasurable. He always tries to help homeless animals.

This little boy goes out of his way to help the poor creatures roaming the streets without food or care.

It all started after visiting an animal shelter.

When Ivan and his father one day went to one of the local shelters in Vladikavkaz to adopt a dog, they witnessed the terrible conditions of the animal.

From that day on, they began to notice homeless dogs and cats. Today, more than 30 stray cats live in Ivan’s house!

They provide the animals with the necessary care and treatment, and they even have sponsors.

An Instagram page for animals was opened, where Ivan’s father posted photos. This will make it easier for them to find their families.

It is not always easy for a child to separate from animals. He has a special connection with a cat named Funtik, with whom the family decided to leave him.

Ivan found him half-dead, more than 100 animals remained in the family. Well done, boy, they are so happy that they met you!

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