German Shepherd swam 11 hours to save his owner


63-year-old owner Heidi has long been an avid fisherman. He usually took Heidi with him, and together they set sail on his four-meter boat.

One day, in early February, they were on a night fishing trip when disaster struck: in the open sea, the engine of the boat suddenly stopped and the waves turned the boat over. They both ended up in the water.

The man was able to hold on to the board and stay afloat, but Heidi was swept away by the current. The dog desperately struggled with the waves, trying to swim to the shore.

But since they were quite far out to sea and the current was very strong, it took Heidi 11 hours to get to land. It wasn’t until around 6 am that the dog managed to reach shallow water, where it was spotted by an early fisherman.

He noticed that the dog was restless, barking and trying to jump into the water again, although it was clear that the dog was tired. The man called the coast guard, who immediately tracked down the sheepdog.

When the boat washed ashore along with a number of items, including a box of fishing tackle and a wetsuit, there was no doubt that a disaster had occurred.

The search involved 4 Coast Guard boats and a helicopter. The police took the dog with them. Already 4 hours later, rescuers finally found the overturned boat and Schloss, who was still clinging to it.

Both were taken to the hospital, but they did not need medical attention. The police noted the shepherd’s extraordinary physical endurance and ardent desire to help the owner.

If Heidi hadn’t been around, Lance might not have waited to be rescued, as the water was pretty cold. If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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