The owl continues to hug the man who saved him after he was hit by a car


One day, a great horned owl named Gigi was taken to the Wild Heart Rescue Center in Mississippi when she was on the verge of death.

The poor thing was all alone when she received a dangerous head injury, she was hit by a car. The fact that this bird survived is a real miracle!

She had a severe concussion, her body was full of parasites, and she suffered from aspergillosis, which is similar to pneumonia.

She was so ill that during treatment she lost about 20-50% of her total weight. The owl was so grateful to her rescuer that she couldn’t stop hugging him when he returned from his trip.

They said that this bird was one of the most important ones they have ever taken care of.

Only a man named Douglas could take care of him, because everyone trusted only him. Everyone called him the speaker of the birds of prey. It was his job and he simply adored all kinds of birds.

They all knew him well and trusted him.

For so many years there was no one who would have addressed them like that, he was always very kind to them and did his job with love. Birds are also very attached to him.

When he finally returned from his trip, the owl could not contain her emotions and hugged him.

It was very touching, she did not want to let him in and hugged him!

People literally have tears in their eyes when they see how he communicates with these birds. They know him well and trust him. It’s the confidence we can all see on their faces.

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