The puppy was abandoned by the family at the shelter and the only thing he could grab was his teddy bear, which he carries with him everywhere


This is Ellie, Blue Lacy’s one-year-old pet, who lived with her family in Texas until they decided to give her to a local shelter.

All she could take with her was her giant teddy bear. The family went through a lot with him, but after a few months left him.

He lost everything he had and ended up in a loud and scary place for him. He was very scared and clung to the teddy bear all the time.

A freelance pet dog rescuer called his brother from Florida who wanted to get a pet. She found the dog online and they took him and his teddy bear. They cleaned it up and filled out the paperwork.

Then they decided to give him to a foster family.

He really started to feel a little better in the house. They tried to photograph him without a teddy bear, but he continued to hug.

Ellie finally met her new owner and accompanied him to Florida!

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