A beaten and seriously injured dog found unconscious in a field


The dog, found unconscious in the field, is recovering beautifully. Rescuers came to the rescue and saw a poor homeless dog named Angela lying motionless in a muddy field.

They received a call and were told that the dog had been found lying in the water in a field, unconscious. She was very weak.

Angela had a very deep wound on her tail and a laceration on her face. They rushed the dog to an animal care hospital, where they began to treat her head injury. She was very weak and needed urgent treatment.

Angela received a severe blow to the head, resulting in severe brain damage.

About a week after the operation, she took her first hesitant steps, but was still unable to stand or walk on her own.

But the rescuers refused to abandon her despite this heartbreaking setback. They decided to take care of him and were sure that she would get better.

And, fortunately, after 2 months of treatment and care, Angela is already recovering!

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