This caring and sweet dog takes care of many animals until they grow up


This dog’s name is Kona, he became famous in social networks thanks to his photos and videos.

Recently, his owners wanted to adopt two cats they found in a New York park. It was Chester and Blair. The dog lived in this house for three days when the cats were brought home.

The owner of the dog loves animals very much and has helped find over 164 animals.

Owner Asa says that since she was single parent and an only child, she has always loved to keep dogs and has always lived with animals.

They made Asa so happy as a child that he wanted to have animals again. And as incredible as it was, his dog was very excited about the presence of other animals.

At first, she took care of her cat, but as the animals grew, she began to take on the role of a mother.

And although they thought that the cats were very cowardly and shy around people, which made them difficult to catch, but in the photos it seems that there is a special connection between them and Kona.

Asa is happy to accept so many animals, she admits that sometimes it is very difficult physically and financially.

It is not easy to let go of animals and give them to others, he is always excited, this is a very difficult emotional time. But in the end, the most important thing for him is to see how animals flourish, which he appreciates.

But it was very difficult to take care of the cats found on the street, because they had never come into contact with people, but the already experienced Kona helped him.

Thanks to this dog, they quickly felt more confident and confident. Without Kona, they would hardly have opened up to Asa so quickly.

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