A bus driver helped two lost dogs return home and be reunited with their families for Christmas


One day, a driver named Jamie finished his job when he noticed two small stray dogs on the street.

He was afraid that they were cold there and that they would catch a cold or be hit by a car, so he decided to stop the bus and called them.

He opened the bus door and led them inside, along with dispatchers, to brief them on the situation. The dogs were quickly taken to a stray dog ​​center.

And later it turned out that the dogs left their home and are quite far away, and family members have been looking for them all night.

Luckily, thanks to Jamie. They went home for Christmas. Jamie is very animal friendly and he was right to be in the right place at the right time to help the little ones.

The family then met their rescue dog to thank him.

It was a Christmas miracle and the dog owners are grateful to Jamie for getting their dogs back that day.

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