Meet Mitty, the smileiest rescued dog in the world


We assure you that viewing these photos will increase your combat capability! This is Mitty, the mixed-breed pit bull who won the hearts of Instagram users.

He sometimes appears in Boss Lisa memes.

Before reuniting with his family and becoming famous on Instagram, this dog lived in a shelter.

And this is Lisa, Mitty’s owner, she found him on the Internet when he saw a photo of her from a shelter in California.

Lisa had a dog named Kitty who died a few months ago and now she has decided to get a dog again to miss her.

He decided to adopt Mitty to join his family, which had several adopted dogs. Mitya will join her new family and make new friends.

Lisa immediately fell in love with Mitty, this love was mutual.

When Lisa got engaged to her boyfriend, Mitty played a very important role in their lives.

Lisa always posts photos of her dogs on her social networks, they have more than one hundred and fifty followers on Instagram.

Mitty’s smile is very beautiful, just look at how she smiles, she looks very happy. If you liked this, share it with your friends and family.

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