Patient Rottweiler pleases the little hostess


Animals and children are the kindest and sweetest creatures in the world. They understand each other very well and always help each other.

They can definitely become best friends, because there is always a special friendship between them, especially with newborn children. Dogs are very fond of children.

Despite this, parents continue to protect their children from dogs and even try to keep them away.

Do not be afraid of this contact. After all, animals can not offend children. A dog will never harm your little one, even big dogs. They will become very loyal and friends.

In Austin, Texas, Emma’s mom was pictured playing with a baby and a dog. Below are these photos.

This Rottweiler dog is called Maya, whom Emma decided to take care of. He put his crown on the dog’s head and painted his claws. Maya is surprised and confused, but patiently plays with the girl, does not offend her.

The photos show how Maya deftly plays with a small child, as if they are having fun together, they do not get bored. This is true friendship.

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