A dog tied to a post reaches out to a policewoman who has come to save him


One day, a police officer named Angela Laurella received a message about two dogs tied to a post in the street.

It was necessary to watch the videos to understand when they appeared, and how much time was not enough for them.

Angela approached the one who was so tightly bound and completely weak that he could not move.

He was very thin, all that was left of him was skin and bones. When he saw Angela, he held out his paw to hug her.

He approached very slowly and held out his hand. With this bite, it seemed that the dog was asking for help. It was obvious that the dog had lived a cruel life and now needed special care.

The dog was accepted into the shelter and he began to live there, fortunately, everything went according to plan.

He was taken to the veterinary clinic and thanks to the veterinarians, he quickly began to get on his feet and slowly began to recover. All dogs should get the love and care they deserve!

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