Puppies sold as part of the illegal puppy trade thrown in a box on the road


A kind man found little puppies left without food or water in a box in England. Unfortunately, by the time the cyclist spotted them, one of the puppies was already dead.

The rest of the puppies, about eight weeks old, were in poor condition and needed urgent medical attention.

They were rushed to the veterinary clinic, where they were found to have parvovirus. It usually affects young puppies and causes them to vomit severely, have diarrhea, and become dehydrated.

The veterinarians then turned to the RSPCA for help. The puppies have fleas but are from Hungary and not registered in England.

Because of this, rescuers believe the puppies may have been brought in from overseas to be sold, but abandoned when they got sick.

The poor puppies were victims of the cruel puppy trade and they wanted to find out by all means what happened to them.

The two puppies, a boy and a girl, are currently receiving fluids and medications and are receiving first-class care.

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