A wet kitten squeals in the rain in search of his mother


A small two-week-old cat was abandoned, she was left alone in the rain, completely wet, did not know where her mother was, constantly waiting for help.

A woman passing through Florida noticed a wet cat, she noticed that there were no other cats.

The cat was crying because he needed attention, he wanted to ask people for help.

The woman picked up the kitten, put it in the car, warmed it up and took it to the nearest shelter, where, according to them, the kitten was a week old.

He was very hungry and thirsty and immediately drank a bottle of milk.

Then they bathed him, the cat didn’t want anything else, he immediately fell asleep.

All he needed was just love, warmth and tenderness. The child was happy that such people take care of him.

The staff very kindly fed and looked after the cute kitten.

In a few days he completely changed and recovered.

The cat was very affectionate and affectionate, he was very happy. Now that the cat has grown up, he pleases those around him with his small successes.

She loves to sleep with her boyfriends. We wish him good health so that he finds a happy family.

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