Abandoned cat meets dog and immediately befriends her


Once Yesenia DelaKueva found this lonely cat on the street on her way home. As she approached, the nearest cat didn’t run away, but allowed the blanket to cover her.

Then the woman took him home, bathed and fed him, after which he was able to rest.

The woman says that she did not have cats and knew nothing about them and decided to ask a question on her Facebook page.

Yesenia was going to move, and the cat needed care. So he decided to find a new family for the cat.

He was afraid to contact the cat and did not even choose a name for him. The next day she went to the shelter, but was told they couldn’t take the cat in because they couldn’t take care of her.

In the end, she kept the cat and named her Bella. The cat quickly moved with her new family to her new home in Rhode Island.

Everything went well for Bella during the flight. He must have felt safe. The erring one enjoyed this life because now he is surrounded by love.

He met the woman’s dog and they became good friends.

They loved to play together and didn’t come home from the court.

Bella was happy to have a friend she could hug every night. If you liked this, share it with your friends and family.

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