Woman jumps into river to save newborn kittens thrown into plastic bag


Most of us are at ease with drawing ourselves.

But we all had cases when we accidentally stood on the paw of an animal and did not want to harm the baby at all.

Even after that, we feel humiliated and saddened by the fact that the animal suffers.

But there are people in the world who are not at all embarrassed by this and even intentionally hurt the animal.

This story is about a woman who, without a second thought, wrapped her little kittens in a plastic bag and threw them into the river. He did not think about the mental state of the animals, about how they feel.

Luckily for the cows, rescuers arrived. The animals were found by a group of children playing nearby on the river bank.

Did the children call rescuers who failed to get the cats out of the river?

Then this brave woman entered the river to save them.

Her name was Claudia, she had a four-year-old daughter, she undressed and threw herself into the river.

Opening the bag, they took out three newborn kittens. Unfortunately, one of them has already passed away.

People wanted to know what happened.

Police launched an investigation and released a video of a woman approaching the water with a plastic bag in her hand.

People gathered to see what happened. The police released a video, after which the woman was found and detained. A 67-year-old woman has been charged.

And with the other two kittens everything is fine, everyone is healthy. If you liked this, share it with your friends and family.

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