Photos of cats before and after they were picked up on the street


Once in the house, a concerned and patient owner can transform a street cat so that it is almost impossible to identify it from old photographs.

The following examples show that having your own corner does wonders for animals.

This kitten was frightened and sad in July last year, and now he has grown up, entertaining his owners every day. And he loves all previous positions!

For six years Remy lived without permanent owners. Now he is safe and at home!

Who would have thought that this gnawed and sad kitten would have such a handsome man?

It has been almost a year since this black misunderstanding ended at home.

Leo was born under the stairs and has been living with this man since childhood. Both get better every year! my thanks.

Eight years ago, this blind cat was given as a birthday present.

This child was found on the side of the road. Now he is everyone’s favorite.

Keller contracted an infection that resulted in the loss of an eye. But that doesn’t stop the owner from loving it.

In the first photo, Harvin is just a little cat, scared of a ditch. And now she is a real model.

These dozens of photos prove that compassion can transform even the most ordinary animal. After them, you may want to change someone’s little life just as much.

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