A man sings and plays the guitar to calm the dogs at the shelter


The Vance County Animal Shelter has made such a unique contribution to their enrichment program! Animal welfare worker Chad Olds used his talents to calm the dogs at the shelter and give them some peace.

The shelter can be a stressful place for the animals in their enclosures, so any help is very important to them. And it seems to work well with live music therapy.

This is Chad, he’s been at the shelter for about five months. And his role requires a practical approach to animals interacting with them and keeping their space clean.

And when someone suggested that he play for the dogs, he was skeptical at first. But he decided to give it a try and took his guitar to work.

When he started to sing and play „Like Red On A Rose“, the dogs noticed and almost all of them stopped barking. He was happy that he was causing them so much happiness and good humor.

Agree, he came up with something unusual and cute, he came up with such a great idea so that the animals could feel at least a little comfort!

This is very important, because our four-legged friends are always your attention and love for them! It is very cute!

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