The Rottweiler saved the life of the owner: the dog himself opened the door to the paramedics as the man lay unconscious


Megan, 3, a Rottweiler, was hailed as a hero dog after she managed to open the paramedic door while her owner lay unconscious on the floor.

The owner of the dog, 32-year-old Gary Gregory, suddenly felt unwell. He managed to call an ambulance before he passed out and fell down.

At the hospital, he underwent an endoscopy of the gallbladder due to the presence of stones inside, and when he arrived home, he felt ill.

But the next morning, he began to bleed internally, causing him to lose consciousness. When an ambulance arrived at the house, the doctors could not enter the house because the door was closed.

But they heard a big dog jumping right at the front door, and at first they thought it was an aggressive dog, and he stood there and wanted to scare them.

But in fact, when they got to the front door, Meghan heard them and took action. She ran to the front door and tried to open it.

Gary and his friend Sean had previously taught Meghan how to press the inside doorknob, open the communal lock, and enter the house.

They did this in case one of them forgot the keys to the house. There were other dogs in the house: black Labrador Heidi and pug Hugo. When Gary passed out, they licked the man’s face in an attempt to revive him.

Megan jumped on the door several times and finally managed to push the handle and open the door. If the doctors came to Gary a little later, due to severe internal bleeding, the man would already be dead.

When they realized that the dog herself had opened the door, they were shocked. After Gary fell to the ground, he woke up several times, but was too weak to get up.

He remembered calling his friend Sean. Then he remembers how he once woke up in the hospital. People often speak badly of Rottweilers, but Megan is just a gentle giant who saved his life.

The doctors found that Gary was in pain due to a failed endoscopy procedure.

Doctors managed to stop the bleeding, and now he is awaiting surgery to remove gallstones.

Megan’s act showed once again that dogs sense when something bad happens to their owners and want to help them. As long as Megan is with them, they are sure that everything will be fine with them.

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