Sister kittens are never separated after being rescued


Orphan Kittens in Montreal has already received a call about a couple of little cats in need of help.

The kittens were around 7 weeks old, weak and unable to separate from each other.

They were covered in fleas and looked like they hadn’t been weaned yet, so they clung to each other for comfort.

They rushed to find them and took them to the shelter. Celine Krom says that at first there were three kittens, but one of them, unfortunately, died.

The sister kittens never leave each other.

Zelda and Saphira stood together at every step, touching and aware of their every move so as not to separate; even their temperaments were very similar.

They were treated for an eye infection and intestinal problems before being adopted.

The two kittens were welcomed by two volunteer sponsors from the shelter.

In a foster home, they learned to eat solid foods and grew up to be spoiled kittens.

Now they loved games and tried to get their people’s attention with every prank they could think of, but they were still together every step of the way.

They both like to sit by the window and seem to enjoy watching the action.

Celine says they are very active and love to explore everything.

Zelda is a bit more independent, while Saphira is social and loves to socialize. They never part and always cling to each other.

It’s been a few months since the shelter rescued them, they have grown well and are quite active.

Saphira constantly imitates her sister Zelda, who watches her every move.

At the end of those four months, these cute little sisters will be ready to find a forever home where they can receive the love they deserve.

Celine said that she just loves them!

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