The couple could not return home for a year because the cat needed to be treated


Many bloggers talk about their travels, but in fact they hide a lot of things … Over several trips, they had to make a difficult choice, themselves or a kitten. This stray cat’s name is Amy.

She was found by a married couple during a long journey. Seeing the poor cat, they could not leave her in such a sad and bad condition and decided to take her away.

They used to have many cats, but a year later dogs attacked the cat and broke its paw. In fact, this would not have been a serious problem if the epidemic had not started.

The borders were closed and they had to get home quickly and didn’t know what to do with the chat.

The issue of his transfer was associated with serious problems with paperwork, in the end they decided not to go and stay with him and take care of the animal.

They had adventures for a whole year and lived even in deserted places, waiting for the end of the epidemic.

But a year later, they were finally able to return home and prepare to move the cat.

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