A paramedic rescued a kitten in poor condition that was crawling on the road


One day, a man was returning home from a night job when he saw on the road a small kitten the size of a palm, which was crawling without seeing obstacles.

He came over and took him in his arms. The kitten was very scared and shaking, but the man picked it up and covered it with a towel.

Then he took the kitten to the nearest shelter. There was a sweet girl at the shelter named Sarah who started taking care of the kitten. The baby was fed milk from a syringe and kept in an incubator to maintain the correct temperature.

A week later, the kitten has already regained strength, appetite and energy. Seeing Sarah with a bottle, he meowed with delight.

And if she was absent for a long time, Chernysh (that was the name of the kitten) meowed loudly and did not want to be left alone.

When Sarah hugged Chernysh, he looked into her eyes with such tenderness and love. What gratitude and devotion in those eyes!

They thought that the kitten had just been separated from its mother and decided to go in search of the mother, but unfortunately no one was there.

The kitten stayed at the shelter for about 3 months, and Sarah waited for his final recovery to start looking for a new home for him. One day the family decided to adopt him.

He was very much loved by his new family. All family members fell in love with him. And Sarah missed the kitten very much and often called them to ask how the kitten was doing.

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