The kittens were found behind a warehouse with their mother cat, one of which was clinging to the mother


Near the warehouse, people found several kittens. The rescuer found them in a Canadian town, and their mother was also with them, and there were five cats in total.

The lifeguard fed them, and the kids began to gradually get used to his presence.

They were very hungry, very thin and weak.

She sent a photo of the kittens to other rescuers and, having received a positive response, took the kittens and their mother.

The cat’s mother was about 5 years old. When she arrived with her kittens, she was very thin. Their mother Koko spent her whole life on the street.

The kittens were very dirty, thin and had respiratory infections. It was obvious that they were eating grass because they were without food.

The cats were very skittish, but thanks to the comforting presence of their mother, they quickly came out of their shells.

Mom washed their faces and assured them that they were safe. Coco was so thin that rescuers were shocked that she could look after a baby for up to eight weeks.

They noticed that one of the cats was a little quieter than the rest, his name was Chanel. She needed more attention and love from her mother.

She was always close to her mother and dependent on her, and although she was quite tall, her mother still breastfed her.

Rescuers assure that there will always be a puppy that is more attached to its mother and needs more attention.

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