The man saved the she-wolf with her cubs, but after 4 years, fate brought them together again


They say that a true friend is known in trouble. But wild animals can also become a friend to a person. Such stories warm our soul and allow us to once again be convinced that our world is not without good people.

This happened in the spring of 1941 on Kupreyanov Island in Alaska. One man was looking for gold and wandered along the stream. Suddenly he noticed something among the trees and fear seized him: it was a huge wolf lying on the ground.

Looking closely, the man realized that the animal had fallen into a trap. And when he approached, the wolf tried to retreat away, but could not.

He noticed that it was not a wolf, but a mother wolf – her nipples were swollen with milk. This meant that somewhere nearby, hungry babies were waiting for her.

The man really wanted to free the female, but thought that she might show aggression and attack him. Therefore, he decided to first find the wolf cubs and began searching for traces of the she-wolf leading to her lair.

Footprints were still visible in the snow, therefore, after walking some distance, the hero saw a hole. From there came a mournful whining. They were hungry wolves.

They were all alive, but very thin. The man realized that their mother had long ago fallen into a trap. He put the cubs in a bag and quickly carried them to the wounded animal.

When he arrived at the place, the she-wolf smelled the scent of her puppies. She rose to her feet and howled bitterly. Then the man released the wolf cubs, and they rushed to their mother.

The babies began to suckle milk, but not everything was so joyful – their mother continued to suffer from pain. The trap dug into the paw more and more, and the wound became deeper. The man sincerely wanted to help, but the predator did not trust the man and growled menacingly.

The man realized that the she-wolf had not eaten for a long time. He remembered that along the way he saw the carcass of a deer emerging from the snow. The hero quickly went there and returned with meat for the unfortunate captive.

She quickly began to swallow the pieces, but even after eating, she did not let the man near her. Then the brave rescuer set up camp next to her, building a hut. The man played with the cubs and fed their mother. He needed to win her trust in order to get the animal out of the trap.

By the end of the second day, the she-wolf stopped growling at the man and allowed him to approach her. He opened the trap and freed her.

The wolf could have run away with the cubs, but she came up and licked the man’s hands, and then called him for a long time. The brave hero led the animal with its offspring to the hill, on top of which there was a flock. He left them, waving goodbye.

After 4 whole years, the gold digger returned to that island and, walking through the forests, came to the very place where he left the she-wolf.

But then he heard a howl and saw a predator approaching him. It turned out to be the same rescued she-wolf. She went out to greet her benefactor. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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