People are obsessed with this adorable, good-looking dog that has taken the internet by storm


There are many inspiring dog stories on the internet that warm our souls, one of them is about Lucky, who is special because of his unique appearance.

He even has a big cartoon eyebrow that makes him stand out from all the other dogs.

Although many were obsessed with dogs, some did not believe in it. He was born with heterochromia, which causes dark circles around his eyes, but that’s not all Lucky has․

He became famous when his owner started posting his most beautiful photos.

His photographs became very popular and everyone wanted to see him. Some were amazed, excited and surprised. Some still think that her eyebrows are drawn with a pen or the images are made in photoshop.

As strange and unusual as he looked, he was healthy and happy that his owners loved him no matter what.

Charis says that the dog is always with him and says that his dog will definitely have a very cheerful and happy future!

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