On the farm, a wild zebra befriends a donkey and gives birth to an adorable rare foal


These species of zebras can be very rare because they are not interested in each other. Last year, a zebra escaped from Kenya’s national park and went missing.

He was on a farm where he lived for a while. There he met the cows and stayed with them for a while. Then the Sheldrick Wildlife Foundation came along to make the animal a more comfortable place to live.

The zebra refused to return to the wild. But soon the locals began to notice him again on their farm. This time he was not there alone, he was with a baby.

Eb-Jews usually give birth to babies covered with white and brown stripes, which gradually turn into a black and white pattern.

But this zebra had stripes only on its paws. Seen from above, he looked more like a donkey than a zebra.

According to the staff, her love story was eaten at the farm, causing her to become pregnant. Despite the fact that the father and mother belonged to different types of animals, fortunately their baby was healthy.

All the inhabitants of nearby villages came to the farm to see this wonderful creature and wanted to take a picture with it.

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