The woman came to the shelter and asked for the two oldest dogs, she and the staff cried with happiness


One day, a woman from North Carolina came to the shelter with her children and demanded the release of two sweet needy dogs. Everyone was shocked by this scene!

Finally, the Asheville Humane Society showed her Leslie Sam and Brutus. Both of them could not imagine that life after so many years would give them a second chance at life.

Sam had many health problems, he was already adopted once and brought back. Another dog, Brutus, suffered from severe separation anxiety after his former owner left him in a euthanasia shelter.

The shelter employee is surprised and says that very rarely people come and want to take away an animal that everyone is avoiding.

This gives hope that there are caring people who are ready to open their homes for pets.

Today, these two needy dogs live a good life in a good family.

The Asheville Humane Society wrote on social media that they are happy to give them a home and that they also give each other love in return.

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