This little dog loves to take a nap on the fluffiest dog in kindergarten, and his friends don’t mind either


To be happy and strong, you can sleep in the same place as where you fall asleep.

The softer and more comfortable your seat, the more restful your sleep will be. You are out of time!

And if you imagine that you have time for what you want, then let’s sleep peacefully in a comfortable and soft place, which in this case is a soft dog.

We present you sweet Edna, who goes to kindergarten and has inexhaustible energy.

He likes to play until he feels full, and when he wants to sleep, he prefers the soft body of a dog.

This is enough for her comfortable rest.

The strange thing is that every time Edna finds a new dog for her comfortable sleep.

Her friends don’t mind, they seem to appreciate the hug, as does Edna.

Even in her old age, she continues to sleep as usual.

When Brianna tries to bring her home from kindergarten, the child struggles to get out of the soft bed.

It’s really cute!

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