Dalmatian repeats world record by giving birth to 18 puppies at once


One day an exceptional event occurred. This three-year-old dog, whose name was Nelly, had 18 puppies born at the same time, most of which were boys. The incident took place in England.

Clementi told them they were dating.

He even thought that at some point it might stop, especially since he was lying and seemed to be sleeping. But they continued to be angry with each other, the mother was very calm.

Clement mentions that he is a really great dog and that he is proud of him.

The woman took care of these dogs for many years, and now she has 27 dogs running around the house.

They even have their own cottage, playground, swings. Some dogs sleep in the kitchen, some sleep in the laundry room, some sleep in the living room.

But soon he will leave one of the dogs with him, and give the rest for adoption.

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