A stray dog stole a toy unicorn from a store and is waiting for adoption


This Sisu and he is the cutest and most beautiful thieving dog, as he always tried to steal the purple unicorn toy from the Dollar General Store, which angered the police.

Instead of punishing Sisu, the animal protection officer bought him a toy.

Then pictures of her toy appeared on the Internet.

The orphanage named it after the dragon from the Disney cartoon Raya and the Last Dragon.

Joe Newbern, head of Daplin County Animal Services, says the dog always carries the toy with him, but when they notice the toy is dirty, he lets it run off and then kisses it.

After reading about the dog and its toy in the newspaper, photographer Raleigh documented Sisu’s attitude towards the toy.

He wanted to meet this dog and the person who bought this toy.

Labradors are very friendly and get along well with other dogs and people.

This dog will be accepted at the end of the training.

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