Man adopted a street dog and figured out its breed when she got older


One day, a man noticed an ad for a homeless puppy and decided to check it out. As soon as he saw him, he decided that he must quickly take him home, save him and take care of him.

It was an incredibly beautiful dog! In fact, nobody knew exactly what race they belonged to, but as they grew older and matured, their race was revealed.

Therefore, the man decided to immediately adopt a fluffy stray dog ​​and brought him home. The dog turned out to be a bitch and he named her Phoebe.

She had all the qualities of a great pet and such a dynamic personality, but he never knew what kind of dog it was.

People sometimes asked him what breed this cute dog belongs to, but no one really knew the exact answer to this question.

The dog began to gradually grow and gained weight. When Phoebe grew up and was already big, it became clear that she was a mixture of a husky and a golden retriever!

Here is another example of this cross, she is not as fluffy as Phoebe, but still beautiful. Look at those cute eyes!

How special and incredibly beautiful our Phoebe is! Isn’t she a real beauty?

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