A volunteer woman adopted a pit bull who survived beatings and spent many years in a shelter


This dog has been through a lot of bad things throughout its life. But happiness smiled at her, a kind man found on the street, on a frosty day, a stiff dog.

The flayers tied her limbs with a wire, and therefore her muscles cramped from the cold.

So the pit bull girl lay under the tree, covered with a blanket. The couple was walking their dog nearby. The dog found the end of the wire and began to pull, leading the couple to the dog.

A dog named Tatyana was able to survive in minus weather, it was a real miracle.

While the man called the rescue service, the woman ran home for scissors, with which she would cut the wires from the limbs and graze.

Half an hour later, rescuers were on the scene. Already in the clinic they said that he had no fractures, but there were numerous wounds. She needed serious treatment. After treatment, she was taken to a shelter.

She was not very friendly and took a long time to get used to the conditions of the shelter. Tatyana was afraid of everyone, especially men, it was the result of the human attitude that she had to experience.

For another 10 years, she lived within the walls of the shelter, until volunteer Michelle got a job there. She immediately fell in love with her and decided to give her the happiness she deserved.

That’s how the dog acquired happiness, after so many trials. And her former owner was found and sentenced to 93 days in prison, although he served only half and left on the condition that he pay off all the costs of treating the dog, which he naturally paid.

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