3 year old Nelly gave birth to 18 Dalmatian puppies


In general, dogs cannot have ten puppies, this is even an exaggerated figure. But another dog named Nelly stunned everyone with the number of her puppies.

All this went very well, as a result, eighteen babies were fed! The birth was quite long, but, fortunately, everyone was in good health.

The owners thought that his number would be at most fifteen, because after the appearance of the 15th child, the exhausted dog just went to bed.

This has never happened before, he has been raising Dalmatians in Clement’s house for many years.

Now there were twenty-seven dogs in his house! This is a lot, because they have never seen such a number of puppies.

His house and garden were so large that the animals were free to play and have fun. They have huts in the park, and they love dogs so much that they sometimes sleep there.

But one day Louise got so old that no one else could take care of them all.

He decided to sell some of them and kept only one as a memento of his past. Now the baby will always remind him of this miracle!

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