Until help arrived, the dog protected his pregnant girlfriend and refused to leave her


See how this cute dog protects his pregnant friend who got hurt on the road. This incident took place in California.

Seeing his girlfriend Marley in a bad condition, he sat down next to her and waited for them to come to her aid. Fortunately, his friend was by his side, because people were still indifferent to the poor dog. No one tried to help this poor couple.

They were discovered by dream collectors. Rescuer of the Rescue project and came to the rescue. He said that the dog was in a very bad condition and was shaking a lot, they hoped that the dog would survive.

When they arrived, they noticed that Marley, his partner, whom they called Murphy, refused to leave her, following every step of the rescuers.

When the dog was put into the car, his friend followed them. The dogs were so calm that they seemed to know that the worst was over.

She was taken to the vet for a checkup. It turned out that her bones were broken and she was soon to become a mother.

Despite her condition, Marley gave birth to 11 healthy children. Rescuers are happy that he has fully recovered, his kids are doing well.

The dog was treated for two years and then adopted into a family where she is loved and safe. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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