This unique cat has four ears and a heart on its stomach


We present to you this strange and unique cat, whose photos were published on the Internet. He is notable for his abnormal appearance, as he has four ears and his heart is full.

This incident took place in Italy. One day a woman saw a unique cat and decided to take him home and name him Midas.

The woman hopes that her act will inspire people to get animals, even if they seem somehow unusual. This animal is truly amazing, she has never seen such.

It turns out that the „spare“ hearing organs of the cat, since they are smaller, are in front of the main one, which is why the cat looks like it has four ears.

In fact, he can only hear with his big ears, but not with his small ones.

This is the result of a mutation in the genes of his parents. In addition, the four-legged animal has another feature – it has a white heart on its abdomen.

This feature has also attracted people’s attention.

The cat lives with her owner and a dog friend, with whom she has become so friendly that she spends most of her time with him and has fun.

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