This dog saw a squirrel for the first time in his life and look at his reaction


Animals sometimes surprise us with their behavior more than humans. They know how to express their feelings in an amazing way, and often do it with such tenderness and joy that it is impossible not to laugh.

In the United States, when a dog has at one time or another watched a squirrel on television, genuine curiosity has immediately been expressed in its eyes.

One of his favorite activities is watching squirrels. Mickey goes to the yard and waits for the squirrels to appear.

But due to the inclement winter weather, Mickey is mostly at home, the squirrels can’t see.

And the owners decided to come up with something new for Mickey. They turned on the Dog channel, where they broadcast a documentary about animals.

On the screen were squirrels, birds, Mickey’s favorite squirrels.

At first, Mickey did not pay attention to this, but when he saw the squirrel, he constantly looked at the screen with a surprised look.

There was surprise, joy and happiness in his eyes. When Mickey’s owners noticed his appearance, they immediately painted it over. It’s really funny how he looks at squirrels.

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