Poor kitten with missing ear greets potential owners in hopes of finding a new home


It is a pity, but such cats with defects are not in great demand.

Although they are very mobile in their lifestyle, they have a good character and are friendly.

This cat was born without an ear, was abandoned by his family and appeared in the Alaska Humane Society.

Before preparing this cat for adoption, he was first taken to the veterinarian for an examination.

The shelter staff did everything to find him a good family.

The staff didn’t have high hopes because no one wanted this baby.

This kid met his visitors every day. At first it was strange, but then it became clear that he wanted to be adopted.

His genetic anomaly did not bother the kitten, he lived like other ordinary cats.

He was the most beautiful child in the orphanage.

Luckily, the cat was spotted by a couple, they were impressed with the cat and immediately decided to adopt him.

The couple was not at all interested in the fact that the cat has one ear, for them it was a characteristic and unique.

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