The heroic cat went through the flames five times to save the lives of her little kittens


Parents would give anything for their children. Some even save them, risking their lives. This also applies to many animals, including cats. This is the story of Scarlett, the heroic cat.

Scarlett rose to worldwide fame when she defied fire and threw herself into an abandoned garage in Brooklyn, New York. She wanted to prevent the death of her five kittens in the raging fire at all costs.

She is a heroine whose story deserves to be told and celebrated, especially in this day and age where some don’t hesitate to abandon their pets. The images below may hurt your feelings.

The cat, without a moment’s hesitation, rushed into the burning building to save her kittens, but her head and paws were badly burned.

Due to burns, she could not immediately open her eyes, her hair was partially burned, there was no skin on her paws.

Despite serious injuries and severe pain, she checked to see if the kittens were alive. Firefighters arrived at the scene and immediately took Scarlett and her kittens to the vet.

The veterinarian immediately began treating Scarlett and her five kittens, but unfortunately one of the cubs did not survive.

When treatment at the animal hospital ended, the four remaining kittens and Scarlett were adopted by new families.

This story proves that a mother’s love for her children is the greatest power in the world!

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