This loyal dog refuses to leave his little brother’s grave


People have always appreciated the importance of the family. But it’s not just about people. This is an eternal home not only for people, but also for animals, especially dogs.

You can see proof of this love in this dog named Teh-O.

This is a very beautiful, affectionate and intelligent dog who recently lost his little brother in a car accident.

This large family lived in Ubin. Their brother was taken to the hospital, but, unfortunately, his injuries were fatal, and it was not possible to save the poor fellow. The baby was named Kopi-O.

The news of the dog’s death touched even the locals, and its owners even arranged a wake for their beloved dog.

Now her grave is covered with tombstones and flowers. The death of his brother had a particularly strong effect on the dog Teh-O. Most of all, she missed her brother and did not leave his grave.

This touching story has spread all over the Internet and caused a great resonance.

The death of a dog was a huge blow to the inhabitants of this town, so it is even sadder to see the pain of a poor animal that cannot stop crying.

Dogs are very sensitive animals.

The killer of the dog has not yet been found, but no doubt, having heard about it, he will certainly take the blame. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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