A white German Shepherd adopted a pygmy goat and pets her like her own puppy


Once the family adopted a little goat, and the dog Shadow fell in love with her. He fell in love immediately and they quickly became friends.

At the sight of this crumb, a beautiful white German shepherd simply melts and begins to patronize and protect her.

When the family in which the shepherd lived gave shelter to a dwarf goat, Shadow was completely delighted.

She immediately began to caress and in every possible way show that she accepted him. The German Shepherd loves this little creature very much and feels good.

He treats the tiny goat as if it were his own cub, and the baby also began to behave like a puppy.

The kid is safe next to the dog and does not want to leave his new friend. It’s just really cute! They are very attached to each other and it seems that they can no longer live without each other.

They rest on the carpet, cuddled up to each other, Shadow takes care of and protects her, and they are simply inseparable.

There are many examples of such interspecies friendship or care of an animal of one species for the young of a completely different one, even if most often in nature they conflict.

It is very possible that the child will remain small because she has such a breed.

Her bright eyes speak of how much she loves the dog and how happy she is with him.

And the dog behaves like the parent of this baby. They are so good and adorable! This suggests that the language of love is universal and it is felt by all living beings.

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