It is impossible to read without tears. „Meryan, dad will not return, but he is watching you from heaven…“


One day, little Meryan was sitting with his mother when she lowered her head and sobbed slowly. Their father died the day before.

The child did not even understand what had happened, because in the morning he and his father were laughing and joking, and now he is gone. Then the father went to work, from where he never returned. She asked her family when her father would arrive.

Grandmother entered the room, went up to her grandson and hugged him tightly. He asked her again if dad would come back? „Dad won’t come back. But he is always watching you from above. »

“He will live there, but he will not forget all of us. You can go out into the yard and look for it in the sky. We can’t talk to him, but he always listens to you.“

Meryan did not hesitate and ran out into the yard. He stopped in the middle of the garden and looked up at the sky. The mother decided not to disturb the child, but simply stayed away.

He begged dad to come back, waited for him and promised that he would not be evil. The woman approached her son and stroked his head. She said that dad listened to her, but could not return. Now he has a new life, he is with the angels.

Thus, Meryan grew up without a father, and her mother did not marry another. There was no one who could love his child like a father.

Meryan had a good relationship with her mother and other family members. He always helped everyone and did not even hesitate to clean the house or wash the dishes. Then he graduated from high school and moved to another city.

The mother was left all alone, but she was so proud of her son. He was a hardworking and diligent son. He entered the university, entered alone, received a scholarship and already wants to go to work. He rarely comes home.

Although her father passed away long ago, Meryan still has not forgotten him and will not forget him. In a difficult moment, he goes out into the yard, sits down on a bench and looks for his father in the sky. He tells how he lives and how it becomes so easy on the soul.

He is already an adult, but he is always sure that his father listens to everything he says! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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